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bloggers helping bloggers coursesHappy Sunday, everyone! I can’t believe we’re nearly two weeks into the new year already – weren’t we just opening Christmas presents yesterday?! – but I’m happy to report it’s been a fun, productive, and happy 2014 in the CSM world so far.

One of the things I’m most excited for in the coming weeks is the newest Blogging Helping Bloggers Coaching Course. That’s because I’m teaching Week 8: Taxes and Finances! I’ll be going over how to handle blog finances, and how you can prepare and deal with taxes – because if you’re making money via your blog (or freelancing), you are going to have to part with some of that cash and hand it over to Uncle Sam. I know, it sucks - but being educated and ready to deal with that reality will make the process easier.

If you’re interested in sitting in with me on my class, or if you’ve always dreamed of starting your own blog, or if you want to improve the blog you already have – consider joining us! Course topics also include growing your blog’s audience, gaining more exposure, SEO, podcasting, and monetizing your blog.  You can sign up here (and view the full schedule and check out all the instructors). You can also snag the introductory rate: it’s just $25 for 8 weeks of coaching and training from a variety of awesome bloggers (including personal finance friends Kathleen from Frugal Portland and Jen from The Happy Homeowner!) Hope to see you there!

There are a few other things I’m excited about, too:

  • I finally got myself on Google+! And no, believe it or not, I’m not secretly 65 with no idea what those darn kids are up to on the MyFaces and SpaceBooks these days. *Shakes fist* now get off my lawn.
  • I’m now a staff writer at Your PF Pro! I’m really excited to be writing there – you can find fresh posts from me on Wednesdays, and posts by blog founder Harry on Mondays and Fridays.
  • I figured out a better system for managing my time and I’ve been twice as productive since! I’m using the 4 day view on Google Calendar, and assigning tasks to specific time periods throughout the day. Getting super specific and blocking off exact periods of time has been tremendously helpful when it comes to keeping myself focused and on-task. It may seem like a little thing – but this is a huge victory to me, the more work I take on, the more important time management becomes!

Now, ready for your Common Sense Reads? Grab your mug of coffee and check these out:

Speaking of Frugal Portland, I’ll be using Kathleen’s tips on How to Start a Minimalist Wardrobe later today. I’ve  been working on creating a great wardrobe that consists of hardworking (read: can be mixed and matched in tons of different ways), high-quality, well-fitting items that I love for the past year. It’s a slow process when you dislike spending money, but I got smart – for this past Christmas, I asked for clothes! Now, I need to re-evaluate what I have and figure out what basic, staple pieces are still missing so I can continue gradually creating a versatile, quality wardrobe.

If you’re feeling the pressure to make huge, life-altering choices and changes because it’s a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate yadda yadda yadda, you might want to read The Middle Finger Project’s post, Make the More Interesting Choice. As the title of the site might suggest, the style may not appeal to everyone, but the message is spot-on.

Tonya over at Budget and the Beach brought us another interview from someone with a career I would like to steal super cool job. Read all about Steve’s Adventures Around the World: Life as a Travel Club Organizer!

I had one of the recent posts from Mr. DB40, who writes at Done by Forty, stuck in my head for a while after reading it. I can’t add any words of wisdom to this one, other than to say: just read it. Read about a family who asked What’s It Like in America. DB40 left me quietly in awe of all the unbelievable opportunities, and the incredible amount of abundance, that I have had and continue to have in my life.

I loved this simple, straightforward One Page Guide to Financial Independence from Get Rich Slowly. No frills, just useful information and resources. Gets the common sense approval from me!

Hope everyone has an excellent week ahead! Fun question for you: How are your football teams doing in the playoffs? And serious question: What kind of tools/methods do you use to manage your time?


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  1. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    January 16, 2014 11:08 am

    How did I miss this post! Congrats on your writing gigs and teaching the PF class! And thank you so much for the link love. I need to get better organized myself. I’m totally organized when it comes to blogging, but my producer and clients from video editing constantly throw curveballs at that plan. It’s frustrating!


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